Down syndrome Treatment: How We Helped Baby Charita

Down syndrome: How We Helped Baby Charita Beat the Disorder

How we treated this girl's down syndrome using Jivadhara treatment

This little girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome at an early stage.

By the time she was brought to our center in India, she couldn’t talk. She had a displaced tongue and could hardly do anything.


Our Doctors prescribed Jivadhara treatment to help her body and brain develop to full capacity.

She was put on natural medicine sourced by our patron Dr. Sister Mary Easey and courses of Acupuncture and physiotherapy.

To develop her speech, she took speech therapy and development sessions for 15 days in every month.

Our Psychologists also had 15 sessions with her in a month to ensure that we develop her intellectual capabilities and shape behavior.

After several Courses:

She can now speak.

She can count and do other academic tasks.

Her facial features are becoming very normal.

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