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Autism in children

Lack of smiles is one of the signs that your child may have autism

On Tuesday April 2nd, we shall join the rest of the world to mark the world Autism day as designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007.

Participants across the word will don blue outfits to raise awareness about the disorder.

Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), is a condition or disorder that is characterized by repetitive behavior, difficulty in communication, challenges with social skills among others

ASD remains one of the most hard-to-detect disorders at infantry, the earliest being 2-4 years.

One of the key missions for this year’s day is to work towards reducing diagnosis age.

Hitting this milestone requires an effort both from the parents and the relevant medical arms.

How do you, as a parent, tell that your child could have Autism Spectrum disorder? These are some of the things you should look out for.

Few or no smiles by six months

By 6 months, most children are able to respond to smiles from parents, friends and other members of the family.

If your child doesn’t smile or seems unaffected by charming smiles around him, there is a high possibility that he or she is autistic.

Limited or No eye contact by six months

While feeding, check if your bundle of joy makes any eye-contact with you or anyone around them.

Most autistic children find this a challenge.

Unaffected by Funny faces

Children who are not autistic respond to funny faces either with fright or large smiles.

Try making these faces to your little one and pay attention.

Little or no Sounds by 1 year

Children like babbling. They enjoy making those funny sounds as a mode of communication as they adapt to the languages around them.

If your little angel doesn’t do this, consider seeing a Doctor as soon as you can.

No response to name by 12 months

Does your child respond when you call out his or her name? By Age 1, most children are responsive and you should see a Doctor if they do not.

Very few or no words by 16 months

Autistic children are challenged when it comes to verbal communication. By 1 and a half years, if your child can hardly speak, consider doing a test as soon as you can.

What to do When Your Child is diagnosed with Autism

Naturally, no parent would want to believe that there is a problem with their little bundle of joy.

However, if you test and prove that indeed they do have autism; there is no need for panic.

There is treatment…Yes, you read that right…there is treatment and your little one can live a comfortable life.

At St Angela Merici Hospital, we use alternative medicine to treat autism and other neurological or genetic disorders.

We have helped families from across the world at our Centers in India and Dubai in collaboration with the Jivadhara institute of neuro-development and research.

We are the only center in Africa with that can offer 100% treatment of this disorder and others.

To develop the little ones’ communication and social skills, we add strong layers of speech therapy to ensure that your bundle of happiness develops normal communication patterns.

Before treatment however, we advise that you do EEG and MRI tests to clear the doubts, then we start treatment.

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