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Autism Treatment in Uganda

Jacob after autism treatment with Jivadhara


This is Jacob [not real name for his privacy], who was brought to our Jivadhara center in India after being diagnosed with Autism.

Before he started treatment, Jacob had;

  • Hyperactivity
  • Couldn’t relate with other people including his parents
  • He couldn’t talk


  • He was very Sensitive to some sounds
  • He had a very Isolated  character
  • He couldn’t sleep or when he did, he would repeatedly have disturbed patterns



After assessment, our Doctors advised that Jacob starts Jivadhara treatment.

This included medicine every 12 days in a month, acupuncture, speech and behavioral therapy among others.

After 9th Course of Treatment

Jacob developed stronger eye contact with people around him.

His hyperactivity reduced, and started playing with other people.

He developed a better sleeping pattern than before.


After the 12th Course of treatment

  • His Isolation tendencies greatly reduced.
  • He now likes to be with  others
  • Started to love others (kissing mother, sitting on her lap ,being always with the mother and other great characters.
  • He also Started to say group of words


After the 26th Course of Treatment

He started to play with other children

He started Answering questions like any other child.

Hyperactivity disappeared

He developed Very good academic performance like counting, alphabets and other tasks.

Jacob after autism treatment with Jivadhara

Jacob after autism treatment with Jivadhara


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