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Cerebral Palsy treatment Africa

After treatment Baby Nissy started standing, walking and talking and no longer has cerebral palsy


This is baby Nissy, [not real name for her privacy] she was brought to our center in India after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (moderate level) due to Neonatal meningitis at 7 months.

This little angel was born prematurely and was moved to the neonatal intensive care unit.

A few days after, she got meningitis, a dangerous infection that causes inflammation of the meninges.

Meninges are the membranes that cover the spinal cord and brain.

Condition before Treatment

By the time she was brought, she couldn’t hold her neck, couldn’t turn over, and had mild hydrocephalus, a condition where water builds up deep within the brain cavities.

Her forehead was also abnormally big.

Nissy with cerebral Palsy at first stage before treatment

Nissy at first stage


After assessment, Nissy was put on Jivadhara treatment using natural medicine also known as electro-homeopathy to replace her broken cell molecules.

She was also put on Acupuncture to provide cell energy and increase permeability

After First Courses of Jivadhara Treatment

Shortly after she started our treatment, baby Nissy’s neck became strong.

After treatment, Nissy started holding her neck

Nissy started holding her neck

After 3rd Course of Treatment

At 10 months old, she started sitting without support, she could turn around normally, her neck became a lot more stronger, and the bulging forehead disappeared.

She started sitting without support

She started sitting without support

At 1 and a half Years

A few courses of treatment later, she started walking and talking, and achieved all milestones any other child achieves by her age.

This little angel is now in school and she is doing really well.

Baby Nissy started standing, walking and talking

Baby Nissy started standing, walking and talking





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